meat Shoppe



Holiday Market began as a corner butcher shop, and we have never strayed from that traditional approach in our Meat Shoppe. We still do meat the old fashioned way by providing the highest quality meat, custom cutting, knowledgeable butchers and exceptional service. 

We're committed to upholding our decades-long tradition of carrying only the highest quality product in our Meat Shoppe. Because of our strict standards, you can be confident that we carry only the best in beef, poultry, pork and veal:

Certified Premium Beef
Our strict Certified Premium Beef standards ensure every bite you take will be juicy, flavorful and tender. The key components of a good steak -marbling, the age of the cattle and muscle texture - are all optimized so you always get a consistently incredible beef experience that's always a cut above. We also carry a full line of all-natural beef, which we've found to be the most flavorful and tender of all the natural lines we tested.

All-Natural Poultry
We carry only all-natural poultry including chicken, turkey, duck, capon and goose, including premium air-chilled Bells and Evans Chicken. This all-natural chicken is air chilled, making it far more flavorful. Other brands of chicken are dipped into a water bath to cool after processing, which causes a 3-10% water absorption that adds weight and dilutes the flavor. The air-chilled method used by Bells and Evans means the chicken we sell maintains its peak flavor, and we're certain you'll taste the difference.

Certified Premium Pork
Our premium pork meets the most stringent standards so you can always dine on the most tender, juicy pork cuts available. We carry only superior pork that is certified premium grade for color, marbling and processing. 

Sausage, Spices, Marinades, Patties, Entrees, Kabobs and more...
As a full-service butcher shop in every sense, we carry much more than just cuts of meat.  We make - from scratch! -over 90 varieties of sausages, offer 17 different varieties of patties (from extra indulgent to extra lean) every day and serve up a delicious selection of kabobs. Come to our counter and you'll also find a custom house-made line of spices and marinades to enhance any meat you're preparing. And if you don't want to do the prep work yourself, feel free to pick up one of our ready-for-the-oven entrees that make meal time quick and easy. Try something from our full line of meals, including stuffed chicken breast, pork chops, London broils and more.