Produce Shoppe



The Holiday Market Produce Shoppe is a feast for the senses. You'll step into a vibrant sea of seasonal color and enjoy the spectacular scent of perfectly ripened fruits and vegetables. Our produce manager, Joe Moses, personally selects the produce we carry to ensure you receive the freshest, most flavorful varieties possible. And because we're devoted to exceptional quality, all of our produce is stored at its ideal temperature to retain the flavor and freshness you'd find right in the field where it's picked.

We're definitely not your garden variety grocer. With such a depth of selection in our produce selection, you're certain to come across a fruit or vegetable you've never seen before. Yes, we have all the produce you'd expect, but there's always so much more discover, including a growing selection of local and organic produce, a myriad of exotic mushrooms and an impressive array of fresh herbs to help you create many memorable meals.

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