Online Ordering

ATTENTION:  Holiday Market Reserves the Right to Limit High Demand Items at Time of In-Store Checkout for all Online Orders.

Welcome Holiday Market customers to our new online shopping portal! Due to the current circumstances, Holiday Market is pleased to announce that we are officially partnering with Instacart to provide home delivery service for those unable to make it in to our store at this time.

Please note that all pricing through Instacart will reflect a 12% increase on all in-store items to compensate for the delivery service.

On top of introducing our new home delivery program to our valued shoppers, we will also continue to offer our existing curbside pickup program through Click Holiday Market.

There are no extra per-item fees when using the curbside pickup service.

And finally, Holiday Market will continue to offer a wide selection of prepared items through both Doordash, and our custom website found here at Holiday Market Carryout. All orders placed with either service will be able to be picked up inside of the store at the front service desk.

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