Sushi Kabar

Our top-notch chefs use only the best ingredients and recipes to create the highest quality sushi possible. We use real Japanese rice (the best in the world), AAA grade tuna for our nigiri and the highest quality vinegar for a perfect balance of acid and sweetness. And our sushi menu and crafting is overseen by our head chef who boasts more than 20 years of experience. We’re all about sushi but we’re also all about fun and we live by this mantra:

Enjoy today. Be bold. Embrace life. Giggle a lot. Do what you love. Get healthy. Feed your belly. Nourish your soul.

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    • Michigan Jalapeño Roll
    • French Crunchy Roll
    • Real Crab Roll
    • Tuna Poke Bowl - new!
    • Chicken Teriyaki Bowl - new!
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    Ingredients of Better Sushi
    Japanese Rice, Fresh Quality Fish, Vinegar For the Perfect Balance & Creative Presentation

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