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A true BBQ place is known by its brisket and we challenge you to find a better and more authentic brisket than ours. The Smokehouse is like none-other because we have a true fire pit from Missouri—used with Michigan hardwood. Our food is out-of-this-world amazing because top chefs have proved out our techniques and recipes to develop the most authentic and delicious BBQ in the Midwest. The same team also created higher-end twists on authentic sides like our very own jalapeño grits, mashed sweet potatoes with vanilla cream, mac & cheese and BBQ baked beans. Our wings are unique because first we smoke them to perfection then we crisp them in a fryer, making the ultimate wing experience. Add authentic BBQ flavor to any dish with our 6 different sauces created by our own chefs in-house.

Bring home The Smokehouse tonight a la carte or put a meal deal together.

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Check out The Smokehouse menu

This menu includes catering prices and sizes, but these may vary. To see what’s cooking in-store, stop by The Smokehouse within Holiday Market, located near the Deli.

    • * All meats come lightly sauced with your choice of Smoke House sauce
      Baby Back Ribs-Full Slab $28.00 each
      St. Louis Ribs-Full Slab $28.00 each
      Sliced Beef Brisket $20.99 per pound
      Pulled Pork $11.99 per pound
      Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast $11.99 per pound
      Pulled Smoked Chicken $11.99 per pound
      Smoked Chicken Wings $22.00 per dozen
      Burnt Ends $20.99 per pound

    • Classic sweet & tangy traditional BBQ sauce
      Sweet & Spicy BBQ with an Asian flair
      Mustard Sauce classic southern favorite, gold in color
      Jalapeno Vinegar spicy, lots of bite
      Smokehouse Heat packed with Habaneros, spicy but flavorful
      Scorcher seriously, it’s hot- don’t be a hero
      $3.99 for 8ounce bottle
      $7.49 for 16 ounce bottle
      $19.99 for six-8 ounce bottles
      $39.99 for six-16 ounce bottles

    • Classic Southern Potato Salad $35 half pan
      Smokehouse Coleslaw $30 half pan
      Mashed Sweet Potatoes w/Vanilla Cream $45 half pan
      Braised Greens w/Black-eyed Peas & Smoked Meats $50 half pan
      Classic Southern Potato Salad $35 half pan
      BBQ Baked Beans $45 half pan
      Smokehouse Classic Mac & Cheese $60 half pan
      6 Packs of Cornbread Muffins $4 each
      All Smoke House menu items are packaged in convenient disposable containers (foil pans, plasticware, bags); plates, napkins & utensils are not included, but may be purchased for an additional fee

    • Smoke House Original
      Arcadian mixed greens, pickled red onions, shredded carrots, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, creamy
      Jalapeno dressing
      half pan $35 full pan $75
      Smoke House Caesar
      romaine, tomatoes, cornbread croutons, Parmesan-peppercorn dressing
      half pan $30 full pan $70
      Smoke House Signature Salad
      romaine, corn and black bean salsa, shredded cheddar, scallions, tomatoes, pickled Jalapenos,
      crispy tortilla strips, salsa ranch dressing
      half pan $35 full pan $75
      Add pulled pork, smoked chicken or smoked turkey to your salad for just $25!

    • Basic Dinnerware Set $10
      includes disposable forks, knives, spoons, napkins, 10 inch paper plates and wet naps
      for 10 people
      Basic Disposable Serving Set $15
      includes 5 disposable tongs, 2 serving spoons, 2 serving forks, and a ladle
      Additional serving pieces avlaibale for $1.50 each
      Additional napkins $2.50 pack of 50

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